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About Us

The Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary partnership of business and professional people working together to build a healthy economy and to improve the quality of life in Berkeley Lake, Norcross and Peachtree Corners. As the Chamber works to accomplish these goals, it must be able to take on many different functions:

  • Existing business support and expansion
  • Economic redevelopment
  • Strategic planning
  • Tourist information
  • Business spokesperson
  • Economic counseling / mentoring
  • Government relations
  • Public relations


Who are our Chamber members?

The Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce members are businesses, both for profit and not-for-profit organizations and individuals concerned with the socioeconomic climate of our community. These organizations have joined together because they stand a better chance of getting things done when speaking with one voice. There is no limit or restriction on the number or kinds of members that choose to get involved in the Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.

What are the objectives of our Chamber?

As we work to improve our community’s economy and quality of life, the Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce keeps these broad objectives in mind:

  • Help existing businesses grow and prosper
  • Increase job opportunities
  • Be the voice of business in our community
  • Provide a forum for addressing issues of importance to our community
  • Provide staff and meeting facilities for business, community, civic, education and cultural organizations
  • Promote our community as a great place to live, work and play
  • Contribute to the overall economic stability of our community


How can I get involved?

You can become active in one or more of these Chamber committees:

Support for Existing Business

The Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is committed to “adding value” to each of its member firms by providing seminars and conferences on a variety of business-related topics requested by its membership and the community. The Chamber will host “Lunch and Learn” series to assist small businesses to grow and prosper. The Chamber will also establish a network of local “CEO Roundtables” to enable business owners / CEO’s the opportunity to gather regularly to discuss topics of mutual interest.

Economic Redevelopment

Many existing properties in the area are dated and in need of redevelopment. The Chamber will partner with local economic development departments and agencies (including the Gwinnett Chamber and Partnership Gwinnett) to identify, prepare and promote existing buildings and sites for redevelopment. The Chamber will also work with property owners and the cities of Berkeley Lake, Norcross and Peachtree Corners to establish a sustainable “mix” of retail businesses that complement the communities’ existing businesses.

Workforce Development

Helping our citizens find and keep their jobs is important to our economic recovery and the sustainability of our community. The Chamber will work with local businesses to determine their future job needs and the skills required to secure those jobs. We will also survey local businesses annually to anticipate workforce requirements and coordinate with local agencies to meet those needs.

Cultural & Performing Arts

The Chamber fully recognizes that art is not “just a cultural activity”. A vibrant art program is both an economic engine and the foundation of quality and vitality in a community. The arts also improve the academic achievement of our children and help us transcend political and racial barriers that can separate us. The Chamber will seek ways to support the expansion of culture and the arts in its communities by working with local arts groups, sponsoring events, and promoting public art.


Education is a key component in our community’s Quality of Life. Therefore, the Chamber will work with each of the schools in the community, as well as the two foundations supporting the public schools, to enhance the education experience of our students. Helping local businesses “partner” with schools in the area to provide volunteers and financial resources, the Chamber will facilitate projects and programs that will benefit each of our schools and their students.

Marketing / Communications

The Chamber will become the primary informational and marketing agency for the general area encompassing the cities of Berkeley Lake, Norcross and Peachtree Corners. We will promote the Quality of Life and opportunities in the area through print and electronic media. The Chamber will establish and maintain a website promoting the SW Gwinnett Chamber and our three-community area with accurate and up-to-the-minute information regarding businesses, events, meetings, demographics and issues of importance.

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