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Our Purpose

The Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that exists to form partnerships among businesses, non-profits, and government leadership to positively impact the people we all serve—our communities of Berkeley Lake, Norcross, and Peachtree Corners. The SWGC functions as a mobilizer and equipper in three categories:


  • Unite government, business, and educational entities for the purpose for collaboration and the building of communities where people want to live, work, and play
  • Serve as the liaison between our local government and community improvement district (CID) and membership to ensure our businesses are represented fairly
  • Distribute economic research and data that informs how our communities are changing for the purpose of evolving our businesses for short term and future sustainability


  • Produce networking opportunities that build relational connectivity among our members, often resulting in business referrals and growth
  • Organize professional development, training, and other valuable content that better equips ourselves and our teams
  • Keep our membership and prospects informed, connected, and enthusiastic about the benefits of being a member of the SWGC


  • Organize opportunities to collaborate together to impact our community by serving our friends in need
  • Mobilize volunteers to scale the impact that we can have together, doing more than we can do by ourselves
  • Encourage generosity in our communities through the giving of resources and time for the purpose of spreading joy and hope

By working together, we create businesses that are healthier, an economy that is richer, a community that is stronger.

Large and small businesses alike benefit from committing to active participation as the Chamber creates visibility for members as a whole and the individual members. Additionally, our leadership works hard to ensure that your business or organization experiences benefits that are only achieved through our scaled partnership.

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