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Our Purpose

The Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that exists to form partnerships among businesses, non-profits, and government leadership to positively impact the people we all serve—our communities of Berkeley Lake, Norcross, and Peachtree Corners. The SWGC functions as a mobilizer and equipper in three categories:


  • Unite government, business, and educational entities for the purpose for collaboration and the building of communities where people want to live, work, and play
  • Serve as the liaison between our local government and community improvement district (CID) and membership to ensure our businesses are represented fairly
  • Distribute economic research and data that informs how our communities are changing for the purpose of evolving our businesses for short term and future sustainability


  • Produce networking opportunities that build relational connectivity among our members, often resulting in business referrals and growth
  • Organize professional development, training, and other valuable content that better equips ourselves and our teams
  • Keep our membership and prospects informed, connected, and enthusiastic about the benefits of being a member of the SWGC


  • Organize a quarterly nonprofit roundtable to collaborate with other non-profits and provide opportunities that positively impact our communities.  (Please contact Terri Hoye to participate at: email)
  • Encourage a charitable spirit in our communities by raising awareness, mobilizing volunteers and providing resources that scale to the need.
  • Leverage our SWGC’s partnership with goBeyondProfit for charitable initiatives.  (For more information:  goBeyondProfit)

By working together, we create businesses that are healthier, an economy that is richer, a community that is stronger.

Large and small businesses alike benefit from committing to active participation as the Chamber creates visibility for members as a whole and the individual members. Additionally, our leadership works hard to ensure that your business or organization experiences benefits that are only achieved through our scaled partnership.

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