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The area encompassed by the Southwest Gwinnett Chamber includes the cities of Berkeley Lake, Norcross and Peachtree Corners as well as a significant part of unincorporated Gwinnett County. It includes Gateway 85 CID which recognizes the fact that the interchange at Interstate 85/Jimmy Carter Boulevard has long been known as the Gateway to Gwinnett, one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia.  Gwinnett County is known for it's nationally recognized school systems, diverse population, and it's population and econmic growth.

Berkeley Lake

For many years, Lake Berkeley was primarily a summer retreat, with an assortment of fishing cottages mingling with a slowly growing number of permanent homes. The majority of lands in the city limits (the 700-acre Berkeley Lake Properties) was developed by Frank Coggins in the late 1940s. The dam, constructed in 1948, is one of the largest earthen dams in the state. The city's namesake, Lake Berkeley (88 acres), was named after Mr. Coggins' Berkeley Blue Granite Quarries in Elberton, Georgia. The new municipality to be known as the City of Berkeley Lake was approved by the General Assembly of Georgia on March 6, 1956. Our predecessors faced some tough challenges and succeeded in protecting the environment and integrity of this city. By the continued foresight, planning commitment, and involvement of our citizens, Berkeley Lake will continue to stand out as a worthy example to other communities, and we preserve and enjoy the lifestyle we searched for and found here.


A Place to Imagine

Once upon a time, there was a little town where country boys played baseball and flattened pennies on the railroad tracks. The boys grew up and generations passed, and while the rest of the world fought wars and put men on the moon, the little town slept. Then one day Atlanta tickled its edges, and the old town awoke. It watched with fear as new faces arrived, for it knew much was at stake. But instead of bulldozers, this new generation brought vision! They polished and cherished until things once again shone. Creativity was embraced, and the little town smiled, watching the old blend with the best of the new. Pennies still get flattened as the trains roar by, and neighbors still know each other’s names. And the story doesn’t end here – it’s waiting for you. Welcome to Norcross, a place to imagine.

Peachtree Corners

A City on the Move

Peachtree Corners is Gwinnett County’s newest city. The new city’s roots began in the late 1960s as a dream of businessman Paul Duke, who pitched the idea of creating Peachtree Corners, a planned community to be built in the area once known as Pinckneyville. Duke’s dream included Technology Park Atlanta, a campus of low-rise buildings for high technology industries. Today Technology Park is home to Fortune 500 businesses and continues to attract high-tech companies drawing top-tiered engineering talent from around the country. The city by the river is also home to regional, national and international headquarters for a number of corporations.

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