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Member Benefits

The Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is intentional to add the most value to our members as possible. Your investment should provide a return, whether it be financial, social, relational, or professional.

As a member of the SWGC, you’ll receive these benefits:


By joining the Chamber, you immediate benefit from being part of an organization focused on adding value to you by elevating your brand and connecting you to others with similar goals. You’ll have access to people, information, and resources that make you more present in the community and online.


Build lasting relationships with members of the business community, service organizations, government, and other influencers. Use the connections you make to drive business, influence your professional decisions, and activate your organization in the cities you serve. Participate in the many events designed to connect you to people in the community that can equip and encourage you in your professional role.


Grow as a leader in your own place of work. Become more effective in the role you’re in and aspire to hold. Use the insights of other members to affect your decision-making and become a better contributor to your work and your community. Most events and activities are designed with the intention of equipping you in your professional abilities to lead and function at your best.


In most cases, our businesses are small and less impactful if we try to do something on our own to serve. Working together, we an all achieve more. Through our strategic partners and activities, the SWGC membership cooperates to positively affect students, educators, and those needing our help to improve their quality of life.

Find the right membership level for you.

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